We believe...
discipleship happens best in groups that share life together. Connecting to a group of friends who can support, encourage and challenge you in your faith is an important step in your journey with Christ. The best place to find that connection at First Baptist Matthews is in one of our Sunday School classes that meet each Sunday morning. If you have questions about which group might best fit your age group or life stage, just ask one of our greeters as you enter the building or visit Guest Central in the church foyer. You can also call the office during the week and talk to one of our staff or connect with us using the form below. 

9AM Adult Sunday School Groups

Students 6th GradeStudent Worship CenterHenry & Danielle Creech
Students 7th-8th GradeStudent Worship CenterGabe Woodman
Students 9th-10th GradeStudent Worship CenterAdam Thomas
Students 11-12 GradeStudent Worship CenterClifton Metcalf 
Coed-Median Adults126Joel Mayo, Erica Crawford
Coed-Young/ Median Couples310Todd & Lindy Leger
Coed-All Ages127Reed & Shirley Bryant
Coed-Median Adults235/236Bill Letcher, Amy Pate
Coed-Median Adults220Craig Witherspoon
Coed-Median Adults230Charlie Pickeral
Coed-Sr. Adults237Ray Sawyer
Coed-Young Single Adults227
Coed-Young Single AdultsDance StudioMike & Jena McGann
Coed-Young Adult Couples
Kevin & Michelle Hyatt
Coed-Young Adults122Luke Mills & Travis Tucker
Ladies123Danya Jordan
ESL - English as a Second Language319Alan & Amy Capps

10:30AM Adult Sunday School Groups

All Ages230Ray Graham
Coed-Sr. Adults220
Coed-All Ages126Jim Hayes
Ladies-Median/ Sr. Adults310Sheila Long
Ladies-Sr. Adults124B Parks, D McCleary,
S Palicka, and B Polk
Ladies-Sr. Adults221Sue Threatt & Janis Wilson
Men-Sr. Adults237Jerry Harrell
Men-Sr. Adults235/236Lowell Keel
Coed-Young/Median Adults125Todd Laughridge & John Butler
Sunday School