First Baptist Church Student Ministry Internship exists to provide men and women hands on church ministry experience and leadership training under the mentorship of a staff pastor. Our Internship program is designed to provide experience, education and exposure in the student ministry so that as you serve you may be better equipped to fulfill your calling in life.

What do our interns experience in our program?

"my internship experience really convicted me in areas I didn't even know I needed to be convicted of. I was searching for validation in my call to ministry and I think this internship was a very useful stepping stone into finding out what God's plan really holds for me" - Jacob McGann, Summer 2018

"Great hands on experience and leadership experience ... 
...I felt
 like part of the team and was given an opportunity to contribute to the mission of the church" - Addison Verdell, Summer 2018

Prior to filling out the Student Intern Application, please familiarize yourself with First Baptist Matthews Core Beliefs and The Baptist Faith & Message.