Our church can only reach its potential if everyone is working together using the gifts God has given us. 

Please take a moment and prayerfully consider serving on one of our ministry teams. God has given each of us different gifts and talents and has called each of us to serve Him with these gifts. There are many opportunities for you to exercise the gifts that God has blessed you with. All you need to do is find where God is at work and join Him there in obedience to Him. Your involvement in His work and your service to His church will bring you much joy.

The senior class of each Ministry Team rotates off each December 31st, after three years of service and a new class comes on board to take their place. You may serve an additional three years if you wish, by signing up again on the Commitment Card; however, members of the primary ministry teams must rotate off for one year prior to serving again on the same team. These teams are populated with long-term church members as well as new members. The primary ministry teams are Nominating, Stewardship, Missions, Long Range Planning, Personnel and Properties. It does not matter if you are older, younger, male or female. The only requirement is that you have a willingness to serve our Master and Savior and to further His Kingdom by reaching UP, IN and OUT.