First, fill in the applicable fields on the form. Note: All of the fields with asterisks (*) are required. Also, a minimum of $1 must be entered in at least one of the fund boxes.

  • The last step on this page is to select one of these three options —
  • Set up an e-mail reminder for future gifts
  • Set up a recurring gift (e.g., weekly, monthly, etc. based on a schedule that you define)
    Note: A “profile” must be created in order to set up a recurring gift
  • Neither

Once you are satisfied with the information entered on Page 1, click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the form.


On this page, you need to indicate the source of your payment. Your options are —

  • Automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account
  • Credit or debit card

After selecting the source of your payment, continue to record the necessary account numbers, routing numbers, and/or expiration dates.

— If you have selected the “e-mail reminder” option at the bottom of Page 1, there will be a final section on Page 2 to complete. Simply select the frequency for the automated e-mail you would like to receive, which will serve as a reminder to you to log in and make your next contribution.

— If you have selected the “recurring payment” option on Page 1 of the form, there will be a final section on Page 2 to complete. In this section, you establish the pattern of recurrence for your contribution to occur. (Note: you can always log back on in the future and adjust your preferences)

Once you have filled out all of the information accurately on Page 2, click on the “Complete Payment” button. This step verifies the transaction information.


Page 3 is simply a confirmation screen for the payment you just entered. At this point, the transaction is complete. You may print out this page for your records. You can now safely log out and close your web browser.  Return to on-line giving click here.

Giving Instructions