Awana is a discipleship track with emphasis for all children to reach UP and learn God's Word, to reach IN and build relationships with other Christians and to reaching OUT to a broken and lost world. The children are engaged and grow through activities such as a weekly Worship Rally as well as Family Time emphasis. Stewardship is also taught through the Awana "bucks" that children have the opportunity to earn.

Cubbies - ages 3 & 4 years old

  • Meet in classroom at 5:00 and enjoy bag dinner brought from home
  • Enjoy stories, games and music time! 
  • Recite verses learned during the week with mom and dad 
  • Crafts and free play finish out the evening

Sparks - grades K-2; Truth & Training - grades 3-5

  • Meet in classroom at 5:00 and enjoy bag dinner brought from home
  • Recite verses and review handbook activities 
  • Game Time in the gym 
  • Story Time (Sparks) or Council Time (T&T) 
  • End the night with an exciting Worship Rally in the Sanctuary
  • Dismissal will be from the classrooms each night

Sunday, March 10, 4:30pm

Get ready racers! It's time for the 2019 Awana Grand Prix. $5.00 entry per car. Grand Prix kits can be purchased at the Preschool Desk. A Hot Dog Supper will be available, $3 per person, sign up below.

  • Cars must be built from an Awana Grand Prix car kit.
  • Must be a car that has NOT previously been raced
  • Must meet specifications listed in the car kit.
  • Must be a car that the Awana clubber significantly helped to build.
  • Must not have wheel width or length modifications.
  • Must have a total weight of no greater than five ounces. (small adjustments can be made at weigh in